What are the advantages of accumulating an order?

So that you save on shipping costs, and so that you do not miss the opportunity to hunt your favorite clothes before they run out, in Fanalachic we have included the possibility that you can accumulate your orders. With this option, you can easily place orders and, when you decide, we send them all together at once. In this easy and simple way, you only pay for shipping once!

Where is the option to Collect Orders available?

For now, the option to accumulate orders is only available for Spain and, specifically, for the Peninsula.

How do I accumulate an order?

Accumulating an order in Fanalachic is very easy. Once you have in the shopping cart all the products you want and you are ready to place the order, you just have to select the shipping method Accumulate orders. Once the option is selected, press next and you can make the payment to finalize the order. If you realize, you are not paying shipping costs! When the order is completed successfully, the order will be in the 'Accumulate order' status. You will receive a confirmation email.

How much time do I have to accumulate orders?

The time available to accumulate an order is 15 days. Time starts counting from the first accumulated order.

Do I have to pay the order to accumulate it? How do I pay it?

Yes. All the orders you want to accumulate, you have to make the payment at the time of placing the order.

You can pay by Card or Paypal. I have several cumulative orders, is it free shipping?

If the amount of any of your orders that you have accumulated, equals or exceeds € 60, your shipment will be free! It is not valid to accumulate different orders to reach € 60.

I have accumulated orders and I want them sent to me, how do I have to do it?

If you want to receive your accumulated orders, you have 2 options: 1.-If you are placing a new order and you already have previously accumulated orders, when selecting the shipment you will see that a new option called "Accumulate and Ship All" appears. If you select this option, you will be charged the amount of a single shipment and within the estimated period you will receive all the orders accumulated so far. 2.-On the other hand, if you have accumulated orders and you do not plan to make any new orders, you can request at any time that we send you all the orders that you have accumulated. To do this, all you have to do is place a single order including this product, which corresponds to the price of a single shipping cost.